What We Offer


  • Frozen Temperature Warehousing (Store Temperature Range -25°c to -15°c)
  • Chiller Temperature Warehousing (Store Temperature Range + 0°c to +10°c)
  • Air-Conditioned Temperature Warehousing (Store Temperature Range +15°c to +30°c)
  • Ambient Warehousing (Store Temperature – Room Temperature)
  • Dedicated Warehouse
  • Shared Warehouse
  • Private Room
  • Distribution Center
  • Food Grade Warehouse
  • Non-Food Grade Warehouse
  • Certified Warehousing BRC/HALAL/DRAP/YUM
  • Real-time computerized Inventory Management System
  • Customer Interaction (CRM)
  • Online Inventory Access
  • Order Tracking Through our Web Portal
  • State-of-the-Art High Standard Racking
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • High Standard MHEs
  • Stock Traceability
  • Bar Coding and Sticker Printing
  • Web Based CCTV Monitoring System
  • Plug-in Facility


  • Frozen Goods Transportation
  • Chiller Goods Transportation
  • Air-Conditioned Goods Transportation
  • Ambient (Dry) Goods Transportation
  • Trip Base Transportation
  • Short-Term Fix vehicle Rental
  • Long-Term Fix Vehicle Rental
  • LTL – Less than Truck Load Transportation
  • FTL – Full Truck Load Transportation
  • Certified Services
  • Owned Fleet
  • Round-the-clock Vehicle Monitoring System
  • Round-the-clock Vehicle Backup Support
  • Experience Team of Drivers
  • Repair & Maintenance Workshop
  • Route Monitoring
  • Delivery Tracking & Temperature Monitoring
  • Safety, Security and Quality Compliance

Supply Chain Manangement

Eximpo offer services of supply chain management to LMCs (Local Manufacturing Companies), MNCs (Multi- National Companies), Importers, Exporters, Traders and Entrepreneurs. We also provide services in areas of supply chain management, like warehousing, logistics & distribution. Plus, augmented with professional staff to give support in all areas with tailored-solutions, especially according to their needs with cost-beneficial & hassle-free solutions.
We work with businesses of all sizes and entities throughout Pakistan.

  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Distribution Management

Other Value-Added Services

  • Cross-Docking
  • Cross-Loading
  • Loading Services
  • Offloading Services
  • Labeling
  • Repacking